These disposable safety sleeves are perfect for forearm protection as they can be worn over garments preventing the ruining of sleeves. These amazing soft disposable safety sleeves are lightweight, durable, and are a snug fit, and are excellent for both men and women to use in their daily chores *Weight:2grams to 6grams or customized *Size:20*40cm,22*40cm or customized *Color:White,blue,black or customized *Process:Machine made,hand made

The disposable ppe sleeve protectors keep your arms nice and dry as you work. The lightweight and durable polyethylene sleeves are ideal for food manufacturing, food handling, light industrial, and similar industries where splash protection is necessary. The thin, polymer material is an economical way to keep clothing clean and protected from water based liquids and certain chemicals. 1.Water proof 2.oil proof 3.anti fouling 4.single elastic and double elastic

The disposable cpe hand made arm sleev keeps your arms nice and dry as you work 1.Material:100% polyethylene 2.Weight:2grms to 6.5grms, etc 3.Size:20*40cm,22*40cm,22*46cm 4.Color:blue, white,red,etc 5.Packing:10pcs/roll,10 rolls/bag,20bags/ctn

Disposable non sterile medical face mask has a multi-ply design to better prevent inhalation of non-oily airborne pollutants. *Hypoallergenic *Fluid resistant *Form-fit design *Top quality *Conforms to EN 14683:2019 *Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) >95-99%.

Protect yourself with these FDA CE disposable face mask that come with 3 layers of protective material and fit easily around your ears. 1.Three layer design 2.Disposable 3.Comfortable and easy to breathe 4.Non-woven fabric 5.Meltblown protective layer 6.Do not resuse or wash

Cpe gown with thumb loop sleeve is designed for the greatest user comfort during prolonged wear by health care patients and personnel ● Full coverage protection against microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material ● Pullover style with vented rear opening ● Thumb loops keep sleeves in place ● Made from thick and ultra-durable CPE

CPE Clinical Gown come with a variety of comfort features that will make sure you don’t feel encumbered by their presence. Perfectly sized for ease of use. ● Made from blue CPE (Chlorinated polyethylene) ● Provides protection from common dirt, dust and grime, minor splashes and particulates ● High-level fluid protection ● Keeps dust, water and chemicals off clothes and skin ● Economic option for disposable gowns

The dustproof isolation gown provides full frontal protection against transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material while the exposed rear opening offers maximum ventilation. 1.Material:100% chlorinated polyethylene 2.Size:112*117cm/90*122cm/100*121cm etc 3.Color:Yellow, blue, white, etc 4.Gram:25-70gram 5.Style:thumb loop,elastic cuff, knitting cuff

3 ply face mask is generally worn to provide daily protection,can offer a comfortable face covering and a bacterial filtration efficiency ,with a smooth inner surface, an adjustable nose strip, and evenly tensioned ear straps, these masks accommodate facial movement to ensure safety and comfort for the user. 1.Size:17.5*9.5cm 2.Color:blue,black,white,pink,etc 3.Layers:3 layers 4.Packing:50pcs/box,40boxes/ctn

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