The Process Of Putting On And Taking Off The Isolation Gown



Wear isolation gown:

1. Holding the clothes: hold the collar outwards (not pinch the dirty side under the collar), the clean side faces the operator, slightly shaking.

2 Wear sleeves: one left, two right three, stretch out your hands and shake your hands, hold your hands high and shake your head. Be careful not to touch the mask while shaking your arms. Try to shake your cuffs towards your elbows. When wearing sleeves, your head should be tilted to the side opposite to the side of the sleeve to prevent Cuffs touch masks, collars, hats

3. Fasten the collar and button the sleeves: fasten the collar buttons to prevent the cuffs from polluting the masks, collars, and hats: first fasten the cufflinks and then button the shoulder buttons (to prevent the sleeves from being too long).

4 Align the back placket, shake Feiqi, fold the backqi: Note that the two red labels are aligned back to back and folded up and down, and fingers cannot cross the opening

Pinch the red label.

5 Loose waist belt, tie waist belt: The waist belt is exchanged at the back, and the waist belt is tied at the lower right of the abdomen.

6. buckle

Take off the isolation gown:

1. Unbuckle

2Knotted loose belt: the loose belt is tied at the front of the abdomen to prevent excessive swinging of the belt

3 Untie the cuffs, plug the cuffs, first unbutton the cufflinks, then unbutton the shoulders, pull the clothes upwards and tuck them into the sleeves of the upper arms (tighten the cuffs to 10cm on the elbow and the dirty side of the sleeves should not touch the skin)