What Brand Of Masks Work Well In Winter



What brand of masks are easy to use in winter? Winter is the season of high incidence of viral respiratory diseases such as influenza. As the haze weather becomes more and more serious, it is known to wear masks to prevent influenza. In order to cut the spread of droplets and prevent contact infection, wearing dust masks has become the easiest way for people to protect their health. Wearing a mask is to set up a "filter barrier" for the respiratory tract, so that bacteria, viruses, dust and various harmful particles in the air cannot easily enter the human body. However, the following points should be paid attention to when wearing anti-smog masks correctly:

First, different anti-smog mask materials have different effects. Cotton masks, non-woven masks, gauze masks, and medical masks can block dust on the road, but have limited effects on smog. Anti-smog masks should consult relevant medical personnel. Buy later.

Second, masks should be replaced, cleaned, aired or disinfected frequently to prevent bacteria and harmful particles adsorbed on the masks from being inhaled by the human body.

Third, do not wear too thick or too thin masks. Wearing too thick dust masks for a long time will easily make the nasal mucosa too fragile, which may cause other diseases, while too thin dust masks filter bacteria and dirt in the air. Ability will be reduced.

Fourth, most masks should be worn close to the cheeks on both sides, and then the lower edge of the mask should be pulled to make it fit the chin. After the medical mask is worn, the metal strip should be pressed.