Do Disposable Shoe Covers Work



lessens the contaminant's dissemination.


The main functions of disposable shoe covers are protecting day-care kindergartens, construction sites, homes, hospitals, laboratories, dust-free workshops, etc. The specific functions are as follows:


1. Protection of day care kindergartens.


There are a lot of things on the soles of the shoes when walk around, most of which are unknown, but most of them are surely dirty and harmful. Especially in daycare kindergartens, the protection and isolation of germs and diseases is crucial, so when entering the room where children play and rest, shoe covers are nedded. And it can ensure that children who are crawling and playing on the ground are not exposed to be harmed by germs’ attack.


2. Construction site.


Such venues require higher-strength disposable shoe covers for non-slip and waterproof, meanwhile it protects the newly completed ground from damage.


3. Home.


As a hardworking housewife, cleaning is one aspect, but more importantly is necessary to know how to keep; CPE shoe covers are good helper to keep the ground clean, and it can also reduce the trouble of visitors taking off their shoes, etc. The use of slippers also helps to reduce the spread of viruses, diseases, etc.


4. Hospitals, laboratories, dust-free workshops, etc.


In such places where bacteria and viruses need to be strictly controlled, the necessity of using non-woven shoe covers or plastic shoe covers is self-evident.