What Is Sleeve Protector



Disposable sleeves can effectively protect the skin and clothing which they covered from pollution and pollutants, but they do not provide completely protection for the human body.


If you need to protect your body from harm, consider the following suggestions:


1. Choose the right sleeve: According to the working environment and the nature of the danger, choose the sleeve with appropriate density, fireproof and waterproof.

2. Correct wearing: During wearing, care should be taken to cover the area to be protected as fully as possible to avoid loose cuffs and air leakage.

3. Regular replacement: The disposable cuff is generally used once, and should be replaced in time after use to avoid bacterial growth or accumulation of pathogenic substances.

4. Cooperate with other personal protective equipment: If the working environment is dangerous, it should be equipped with other protective equipment, such as masks, glasses, gloves, etc., to fully protect the body.