What To Pay Attention To When Wearing Disposable Medical Masks



Wear a mask when you are sick or go to the hospital for treatment. In winter, the elderly with low immunity, the weak and the sick wear masks. Most color masks are made of chemical fibers, which are poorly breathable and have a chemically pungent odor, which may cause harm to the respiratory tract. Qualified masks are made of gauze and non-woven fabrics.

It is unscientific to exhaust the mess and not clean up in time. Masks can accumulate a lot of bacteria after four to six hours, and they should be washed every day. Do not wear a mask to run, because outdoor sports usually require a large amount of oxygen, and masks may cause poor breathing and even hypoxia in organs, which can have very serious consequences. After putting on the mask, cover most of the area under the mouth, nose and eye sockets. The edge of the mask should be close to the face, but be careful not to affect your eyesight.