Why Can Disposable TPE Gloves Be Used As Household Gloves In Large Quantities



Everyone should be familiar with disposable gloves, and they are widely used in daily life. However, when using disposable gloves in daily life, there are often some mistakes. Many users do not know the scope of use of disposable gloves. Which, first talk about the classification; disposable gloves are also divided into disposable medical gloves and ordinary disposable gloves. The scope of use of ordinary disposable gloves is not as wide as that of disposable medical gloves. The reason is that disposable medical gloves are not only medical gloves, but can also be used as ordinary disposable gloves. But if you don't need to use it in the hospital, then there is no need to use disposable medical gloves.

Scope of application: Disposable tpe gloves are suitable for housework, catering, beauty salons, food, electronics, electronic dust-free workshops, star-rated hotels, factories and other industries. They can also be used for hair dyeing, care and washing, such as canteen employees often ask for hand straps. Disposable PE gloves are used to maintain hygiene. In addition, doctors in hospitals also use them during surgery or examinations. For example, when doing gynecological examinations... Disposable PE gloves and disposable vaginal dilators are often used, in addition to There are many other industries that need to maintain hygiene that often use disposable tpe gloves!

Disposable gloves are oil-proof and are mainly used in factories, oil fields, repair shops, etc. Disposable gloves do not contain latex protein, so they will not cause allergic reactions. At the same time, they have antistatic, aging and oil resistance properties. The shape is designed according to the shape of the human hand, with great sensitivity, good tensile performance and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and good wear resistance.

Of course, some tpe gloves will also be produced according to the standards of medical gloves, and they can also be used as medical gloves. Compared with general medical gloves, it will be more used and can basically replace general examination gloves in terms of function. In the household field, it is even more prominent. According to the survey, many families are keen on disposable tpe gloves. Because tpe gloves not only have good performance, they also have certain advantages in the price of disposable medical gloves. cheaper. These reasons are the reason why disposable tpe gloves appear in large numbers in the family.