What Is Clip Cap?



Disposable clip cap is made of high quality non woven material, no odor, healthy and soft, prevent the intrusion of dirt and dust, well prevent the pollution and embarrassment of falling hair, and create a safer, healthier and cleaner environment for you


Features of strip cap:

1. Rubber band mouth design:

The elastic rubber band mouth can wrap the hair well and pose less pressure to head, effectively preventing the pollution caused by the falling hair, giving you reassuring protection and a comfortable environment.

2. Soft and high quality:

The strip cap is made of high quality non woven fabric, soft and breathable, not stuffy, no odor, skin friendly and environmental friendly.

3. Single elastic and double elastic:

The strip cap has single elastic cap and double elastic cap for you to choose from. When in use, the double elastic cap is stronger than the single elastic cap. You can choose to use it according to your needs.

4. Easy to use:

The disposable bar cap is light and does not take too much space, and can be thrown away after use, which is simple and efficient.

Product application:

Strip cap is an excellent preparation for hospitals, dust-free workshops, laboratories, hotels, pharmaceuticals, food processing, barber shops, beauty shops and other places to create a healthy and clean environment.

Our strip cap with elastic band makes it fit your head perfectly and will not make your head feel tight and bound. Your consultation is welcome!