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CPE Isolation Gown With Thumb Loop


The cpe isolation gown with thumb loop is designed for the greatest user comfort during prolonged wear by health care patients and personnel ● Full coverage protection against microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material ● Pullover style with vented rear opening ● Thumb loops keep sleeves in place ● Made from thick and ultra-durable CPE

It is located in Pengchang Town,Xiantao City, Hubei Province, which has the reputation of "China's largest non-woven production base",It is a plastic product entity unit integrating processing, sales and trading。


Product Description

The CPE isolation gown with thumb loop are made up of CPE film, the content is thick enough to cover the body and firm enough due to the seam seals. These gowns are made in different thicknesses and dimensions, which ensures that the dress is fit for serving its various purposes. The CPE film is also light enough but also thick enough to act as an effective barrier.


Product Details

Products Name :

CPE Isolation Gown




25-80g/pc or customized


Cutting, Heat Sealing


112*117cm, 90*122cm,100*121cm or customized


Blue, Yellow or customized


Straight pendulum, Swallow tail


Elastic cuff, Knitting cuff, Thumb cuff


Individual Pack, 10pcs/bag,10bags/carton or customized


CE, FDA,ISO13485

Test report:



waterproof, anti-fouling, sanitary and convenient


Hospital,Clinic,household, restaurant, food industry, etc.



*The cpe gown provide an effective microbial barrier


*Blood repellent

*The gowns are disposable

*They are breathable




What is a thumb loop gown?


Thumbloop safety robes are lengthy sleeve resistant robes with a loop for the wearer's thumb. This skill the lengthy sleeves can be definitely and securely tucked into gloves, supplying an extraordinarily wonderful fluid safety barrier.This special layout prevents the sleeves from rolling up when donning gloves and sporting these isolation gowns.Save time and forestall "sleeve-slide" polyethylene isolation gowns.When inserting on gloves, sleeves have a tendency to slide up; this can purpose team of workers to lose precious time

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