How To Wear A Mask Correctly



Washing: first wash your hands, one dirty hand contaminates the inside of the mask

Hanging: Put the mask horizontally on the face, and hang the ropes at both ends on the ears with both hands

Pulling: Pull the folds of the mask up and down with both hands at the same time, so that the mask can completely cover the mouth, nose and chin

Pressing: Finally, use the index fingers of both hands to press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose, so that the upper end of the mask can be close to the bridge of the nose



Medical masks have two sides, the darker side faces outward when worn on the front, and the lighter side is close to the face when worn on the reverse. The mask is also divided into upper and lower sides, with the hard side of the metal strip facing up, and it is close to the bridge of the nose when worn.

If the mask is worn too loosely and does not fit the face, air will enter from the side gap, which cannot achieve the preventive effect.

It is not correct to cover both the mouth and nose. It is not correct to cover only the mouth. The nose is the main way for air to enter and exit.

Some people sweat easily and wet the mask. Once the mask is wet, it cannot resist the invasion of viruses.

It is not advisable to wear a mask for too long, generally 6 hours for deadline