Disposable CPE Gowns Are Best Used For The Following Applications



Nursing Care Gowns

Spreading viruses and bacteria can be secure in any place, and this is no different in nursing care units. The gowns can be used to prevent any spread of bacteria between nurses and patients. The dress also ensure sanitation in the nursing care units.


Hospital Gowns

In hospitals, CPE gowns can be used as a protection between the doctor and patient. This is to say, a Medical Operation Gown. Accidents in the operation room are not rare, and some fatal blood spillage is involved. These CPE gowns are used to avoid any spread of bacteria and viruses from doctors to patients and vice versa.


Pharmaceutical Gowns

Since CPE gowns help prevent the spread of viruses, the application in pharmaceuticals is efficient to avoid to avoid spread of germs and bacteria. The gowns also help maintain proper sanitation in the working area.


Isolation Gowns

CPE gowns are used in virus isolation centers. This has been applied to prevent the spread of viruses between patients and doctors or anyone who interacts with them.


Kitchen Gowns

This is mainly in restaurant kitchens. The CPE gown is waterproof. For this reason, any spillage in the kitchen prevents the water from spilling on cooks or those involved.


Food Factory Gowns

The water-repellent feature makes it suitable for this environment. The CPE gown prevents any water from spilling on workers. Food factories are  a sensitive environment. Any infection would lead to fatal cases if not worse. That is the reason why the CPE gowns can be used in food factories to prevent bacterial infections and to spread them.