The Correct Way To Put On And Take Off The Isolation Gown



Wearing Isolation Gown:

Put on the mask first, take off the watch, and roll up the sleeves over the elbow (roll over the middle of the forearm in winter)

Take off the isolation gown from the hook with the collar in hand, clean and face yourself, fold the two ends of the collar outwards and fold toward the center of the collar, insert the index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand into the folds of the collar respectively, and hold the thumb and little finger outside. The collar is aligned with the seam, revealing the armband.

Put the left hand into the sleeve, and pull the collar up with the right hand, so that the left hand is exposed

Change the left hand to hold the collar, put the right hand into the sleeve, and raise the hand to shake the sleeve. Be careful not to touch your face

Hold the collar with both hands, and button the collar back from the center of the collar along the edge; then button the cufflinks 

Pull one side of the isolation gown (about 5 cm below the waist) to the mid-axillary line, then gradually pull it forward until you see the edge, and pinch the other edge in the same way (be careful not to touch the inside of the gown), with your hands behind Align the edges, fold it to one side, hold it with one hand, pull the waistband to the back and press the fold with the other hand, cross the waistband to the back, and tie a slipknot back to the front, taking care not to loosen the fold

If the sleeves of the isolation gown are too long, you can button up the shoulder buttons, put on the isolation gown, and you can work

Taking Off Isolation Gown:

Untie the belt and tie a slipknot at the front

Unfasten the two cuffs and shoulder buttons, and tuck some of the sleeves under the work clothes at the elbows, so that both hands are exposed, which is convenient for brushing and disinfection

Brushing hands: wash the forearm, wrist, palm, back of hand, nails, finger joints, etc. with soapy water or disinfectant, rinse each hand with running water after half a minute, and then repeat the brushing once (2 minutes in total). If it is a disinfectant, brush each hand for one minute, rinse with water, and wipe dry

Unfasten the collar button, put your right hand into the left sleeve, pull down the sleeve and pass it over your hand, use the covered left hand to hold the outer sleeve of the right isolated sleeve and pull down the sleeve, untie the belt inside the sleeve with both hands, hold the sleeve alternately, gradually Pull out from the sleeve tube, then use your right hand to support the shoulder seam of the work clothes and withdraw your left hand, then use your left hand to hold the outside of the collar and then pull out your right hand

Hold the collar with both hands, align the two sides of the isolation gown (such as the isolation gown hung in the semi-contaminated area, with the clean side facing out, and the isolation gown hung in the contaminated area, with the contaminated side facing out), and hang it on the clothes hook