Polyethylene Gloves



What Are Polyethylene Gloves Used For?

Offering the best economy, polyethylene gloves serve as an inexpensive solution for creating a barrier between bare hands and food. Combined with proper hand washing practices, poly gloves can assist in maintaining a hygienic environment free from food-borne illnesses.

What Is In Polyethylene Gloves?

Poly gloves are made from either low or high density polyethylene materials. Cost effective, GloveNation’s poly gloves are food service grade, latex-free, and available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any food service need.

What Are Disposable PE Gloves?

POLYETHYLENE GLOVES are our most economical glove. PE gloves are most often used for light duty tasks that require frequent glove changes. This glove has a loose fit design for easy on and off applications, and is especially useful in food service lines, deli counters, and other high volume applications.

What Is The Difference Between Polyethylene And Vinyl Gloves?

Polyethylene: For light-duty tasks and fresh food prep, poly gloves are an economical and allergen-free choice. Vinyl: Vinyl gloves are comfortable for short-term use, make excellent food handling gloves, and don’t contain latex.

Is Polyethylene Gloves Safe For Food?

Moreover, poly gloves are very economical and the least expensive of all glove types. Poly Food Service Gloves are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for short cooking as well as serving tasks. FDA states that all employees working with food items must wash their hands whenever they make contact with food.

Are Polyethylene Gloves Safe?

Polyethylene gloves are safer, widely available, and affordable–and where permitted, simply washing hands with soap and water has been proven just as safe as wearing gloves.” “We found that the same brand of vinyl glove is not always free of toxic phthalates.