What Are Shoe Covers?



Shoe covers are disposable plastic covers that go over the shoe. The cover protects the shoe from any liquid or solid materials and also stops any germs or debris on the shoe from contaminating an area. The type of protection required will determine the type of shoe cover that’s used. Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why this type of PPE is considered essential.

#1 Protects A Sterile Environment

Shoes that are worn outside aren’t suitable to wear in a sterile environment such as an operating theatre. That’s where shoe covers come in, as they ensure that those shoes don’t contaminate any sterile surfaces in the room.

#2 Protects Shoes From Bodily Fluids And Chemicals

Some shoe covers are designed to protect shoes from bodily fluids and chemicals that may splash onto shoes. Waterproof disposable covers mean shoes won’t need to be cleaned at the end of a shift, meaning they also act as protectors for your shoes. Using disinfectant on your shoes regularly is a time consuming, unpleasant task that also involves risk for staff. Shoe covers save valuable work time that could be better spent on patient care. 

#3 Stops The Spread Of Bacteria

In some healthcare settings, floors can become a breeding ground for deadly infections. Most bodily fluids can harbour bacteria and viruses that pose a serious health risk to other patients in the facility. By wearing disposable shoe covers while cleaning up a spill, the worker doesn’t risk carrying the bacteria on their shoes to another area. The covers ensure that shoes stay clean and there’s no risk of spreading high-risk liquids from one area to another.

#4 Avoids Slips

Wet floors are common in healthcare settings. Any spills need prompt disinfecting and cleaning, with floors being mopped often to reduce the risk of bacteria in the facility. Walking across wet floors or cleaning them are hazardous in certain shoes. However, shoe covers with a grip on the sole helps to ensure that the worker is kept safe from slips and falls on wet surfaces.