Are Shoe Covers Worn In Other Industries?



Shoe Covers Are Not Only Considered Essential In The Healthcare Industry. They Come In A Range Of Materials To Protect The Environment Or Workers Across A Number Of Industries.


In the forensic police department, shoe covers should be worn to help preserve crime scenes. Covering shoes keeps evidence uncontaminated so that it can be recorded and collected accurately. A prosecution can be jeopardised if the police don’t adequately protect the crime scene through the use of shoe covers.

Real Estate

A real estate agent may use shoe covers to help protect the floors of a luxury home. This could be the case during home staging and/or home opens.


Once the floors have been installed in new or renovated homes, the homeowner may want to ask contractors to cover their shoes. Most tradespeople must wear steel-capped or closed-in shoes to protect their feet, so removing shoes before entering the home isn’t possible. Wearing shoe covers is the best way to protect feet and keep floors clean and free of damage without removing shoes.

Agriculture & Veterinary Hospitals

Some farms must stay free of contaminants to protect livestock and crops. Harmful pests and bacteria-laden faeces can be carried on to a farm on shoes. Farmers can keep the bacteria and pests off the property by asking all visitors to cover their shoes.

Sick animals are also at risk of being exposed to bacteria on shoes, but the humans caring for sick animals are also at risk of being exposed to the bacteria from an ill animal. By wearing shoe covers in vet hospitals, both the animals and humans are protected.

Manufacturing And Food Production

The only way to keep a location sterile is for workers to cover their clothing with disposable overalls and hair with hair nets. Shoe covers ensure bacteria doesn’t transfer to the clean environment.