Basic Information Of Non-Woven Caps




After unfolding, it is mushroom-shaped, so it is also called mushroom cap and round cap. It is used in some places with strict environmental requirements and is suitable for specific people to prevent hair and dandruff from falling and ensure a clean environment. Non-woven strip caps have a wide range of applications, especially in industries such as medical, electronics, and food processing.


The non-woven fabric itself has the characteristics of good air permeability, so the non-woven fabric cap is also highly air-permeable and suitable for long-term wear. Moreover, the effect of mortal dust is obvious, which may block floating objects, dust, microorganisms, etc. Only for one-time use, used in places with high environmental hygiene requirements to prevent hair and dandruff from falling out.


Suitable for various industries such as medical treatment, food hygiene, electronics, dust-free clean room, textile, etc.


Wearing for a long time is not tight, no allergic reaction, no washing, no maintenance, convenient and practical, safer and more hygienic.