A Big Misunderstanding In The Use Of Medical Masks



Everyone is very familiar with medical masks. Before the arrival of winter, everyone will wear masks early, which can effectively prevent the irritation of cold air on the nose, which is particularly important for patients with rhinitis. But did you know that in addition to life, workers in some special positions also wear medical masks when working, just to prevent dust from attacking and harming the human body. Can medical masks prevent dust?

In fact, medical masks cannot prevent dust. According to experimental tests, ordinary medical masks are less effective in protecting airborne particles. Because ordinary medical masks are fiber masks, its flow-blocking principle is a mechanical blocking effect. Through this layer of mechanical blocking, large particles can be blocked, but particles with a diameter of less than 5 microns cannot be blocked. Needless to say PM2.5 particulate matter. For dust-proof respirators, it is recommended to use professional respirators, which can filter dust more than 95%.

Now everyone must understand that practitioners in special environments must wear professional dust masks!