The Correct Choice And Use Of Medical Masks



The current situation of medical treatment in our country determines that general hospitals are the place where infectious diseases are first discovered, and its medical staff will inevitably come into contact with patients with various infectious diseases. Respiratory tract infectious diseases have become a typical representative of infectious diseases that are difficult to prevent and control due to their special transmission routes. The use of medical masks has become an inevitable trend.

The wearing of masks by clinical medical staff is a simple isolation method that effectively prevents pathogenic microorganisms from entering the body through the respiratory tract. It can achieve the effect of two-way protection between medical staff and patients, which can not only prevent the transmission of diseases from patients to medical staff, but also prevent diseases from medical staff. Passed to the patient. The correct selection and use of masks are of great significance to protect hospital patients, medical staff, and prevent the spread of respiratory infectious diseases in hospitals.

The types and technical standards of commonly used masks, medical surgical masks. In 2004, my country’s Food and Drug Administration issued the medical industry standard "Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks", regarding the appearance, size, nose clip, filtration efficiency, and airflow resistance of medical surgical masks. , Synthetic blood penetration barrier performance, surface moisture resistance, flame retardancy, skin irritation, marking and other properties are clearly defined.