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Disposable Non Sterile Medical Face Mask

Disposable non sterile medical face mask has a multi-ply design to better prevent inhalation of non-oily airborne pollutants. *Hypoallergenic *Fluid resistant *Form-fit design *Top quality *Conforms to EN 14683:2019 *Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) >95-99%.

FDA CE Disposable Face Mask

Protect yourself with these FDA CE disposable face mask that come with 3 layers of protective material and fit easily around your ears. 1.Three layer design 2.Disposable 3.Comfortable and easy to breathe 4.Non-woven fabric 5.Meltblown protective layer 6.Do not resuse or wash

3 Ply Face Mask

3 ply face mask is generally worn to provide daily protection,can offer a comfortable face covering and a bacterial filtration efficiency ,with a smooth inner surface, an adjustable nose strip, and evenly tensioned ear straps, these masks accommodate facial movement to ensure safety and comfort for the user. 1.Size:17.5*9.5cm 2.Color:blue,black,white,pink,etc 3.Layers:3 layers 4.Packing:50pcs/box,40boxes/ctn

Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask

Disposable 3 ply face mask is generally worn to provide daily protection 1.Number of layers:3 layers 2.Certification:FDA CE ISO13485 3.Disposability:disposableDisposability 4.Material:non woven and melt blown 5.Packing:50pcs in a box

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