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Disposable Apron For Doctors

Disposable apron for doctorsis made of Polyethylene. These materials are often used in the manufacture of disposable aprons, disposable raincoats, and personal protective clothing 1.Made of embossed polyethylene 2.Lightweight with extra long tie-backs 3.Round neck 4.Waterproof construction

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Disposable Plastic Apron

Disposable plastic aprons are sized for a comfortable fit with extra long ties and a generous neck opening.Big enough for adults to use in hair salon, packaging plant, food service, deli, medical center, coffee shop, or anywhere you need to stay clean or keep employees clean. 1.Material: 100% polyethylene material 2.Size: One size fits all 3.Color: white, transparent,blue, etc 4.Packing: 100pcs/pack 5.Disposable: disposable

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Plastic Apron For Doctors

Plastic apron for doctors is one of the personal protective equipment used in the medical field. This apron is usually used to replace the wearing of personal protective clothing. The use of aprons in hospitals is very different from those in other professions in general because it requires standard procedures and supervision. 1.Material: 100% polyethylene 2.Size: one size fits all 3.Color: white,blue,etc 4.Packing: 100pcs/pack

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Plastic Apron For Hospital

Plastic apron for hospital is made from plastic which is 100% polyethylene material and comfortable to wear. The lightweight material makes it easy for you to move and fulfil your everyday duties without the usual strain that comes with the heavy material clothing 1.Made of durable, tear resistant embossed polyethylene 2.Lightweight with extra long tie-backs for optimal comfort and ease of use 3.Waterproof construction resists liquids, grease, and oils 4.Disposable

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