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Disposable Safety Sleeves

These disposable safety sleeves are perfect for forearm protection as they can be worn over garments preventing the ruining of sleeves. These amazing soft disposable safety sleeves are lightweight, durable, and are a snug fit, and are excellent for both men and women to use in their daily chores *Weight:2grams to 6grams or customized *Size:20*40cm,22*40cm or customized *Color:White,blue,black or customized *Process:Machine made,hand made

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Disposable PPE Sleeve Protectors

The disposable ppe sleeve protectors keep your arms nice and dry as you work. The lightweight and durable polyethylene sleeves are ideal for food manufacturing, food handling, light industrial, and similar industries where splash protection is necessary. The thin, polymer material is an economical way to keep clothing clean and protected from water based liquids and certain chemicals. 1.Water proof 2.oil proof 3.anti fouling 4.single elastic and double elastic

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Disposable CPE Hand Made Arm Sleeve

The disposable cpe hand made arm sleev keeps your arms nice and dry as you work 1.Material:100% polyethylene 2.Weight:2grms to 6.5grms, etc 3.Size:20*40cm,22*40cm,22*46cm 4.Color:blue, white,red,etc 5.Packing:10pcs/roll,10 rolls/bag,20bags/ctn

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Disposable CPE Arm Sleeve Cover

Disposable CPE arm sleeve cover is very economical and easy to use in universal size, water proof and oil-proof, single double elastic edge can be selected 1.Material:100% polyethylene 2.Size:20*40cm 3.Gram:2grams-6.5grams 4.Color:blue,white,transparent,etc 5.Packing:100pcs/pack

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