The Function And Application Of Medical Masks



The use of medical mouth star can avoid mutual infection between doctors and patients, so it requires very high antibacterial properties and air permeability. In the past, the materials used for medical masks were all multi-layer gauze or 25-30m2 non-woven fabrics folded, and some would use molded non-woven fabrics, but the antibacterial properties and air permeability of these materials were extremely poor. Nowadays, most of the medical mask materials we use are spunlace nonwovens or nonwoven composite materials with a meltblown method in between. This material has very good softness, breathability and filterability. If you need to make medical masks The antibacterial property of the product can reach more than 95%, and the selected material can be polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric as the main filter material.

In order to make medical masks have high protection, we must be careful when choosing filter media, and we must choose a medium that can filter particles efficiently. Choose to make masks

The material must meet the filtration requirements, not only to meet the requirements of inhalation resistance, water resistance and other indicators, but also to ensure the filtration efficiency.